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Hi. Welcome to Shirley’s Creative Designs

I’m Shirley Rash-owner of Shirley’s Creative Designs


My mother handed me a needle and thread at the age of 3. I loved watching her sew on her old White tredle machine. I saved my school lunch money and cleaned my father’s records to earn enough money for my first sewing machine, a Singer Spartan. My first sewing class was in seventh grade. We learned all about theparts of a sewing machine and how to use it. We also learned how to draw the pieces for a apron and then learned how to sew it step by step with the teacher, Mrs. Hass, approving each step. After that project, I made a blouse. The blouse had a pointed collar, a flat tie with buttons on it and short set in sleeves. I had a sewing class in high school. I made a suit. The jacket zipped up the front and the skirt was “A” line style. I also made a shirtwaist dress that had a collar, sleeves and a gathered skirt. After finishing my major in college, I took a few extra courses. One of them was a sewing class. In the middle of the semester, I got a job through one of my teachers. I tried to convince my teacher to let my then boyfriend, now husband of 40 years, model a shirt as a assignment since I was working, but she wouldn’t let me do that. While still in her class I taught HER how to insert an invisible zipper because she didn’t know how! She was fresh out of college. Many years later I took a couple of sewing classes at our local Jr. College when we lived in South Lake Tahoe, CA. That was all for fun. My granddaughter modeled what I made at the fashion show that the class put on for the Administrators and parents of the students. 

After College I worked in my major, Advertising Art & Design, and at the same time started my home business, Shirley’s Creative Designs. At first I did projects related to my major, but then after my children were born, I started a “branch” of Shirley’s Creative Designs by making 31 of my “Jennifer the Musical Doll”. 1990-Jennifer and Brown Hair The picture is of my daughter at age 2 1/2, now 28! Later on I added designing cloth dolls and doll clothes in quantity to my business and then stuffed toys & animals. Recently I have added designing faces for clients dolls and embroidering them on my embroidery machine. I have been in business for 26 years! I currently have 5 machines, a Singer straight stitch/zigzag Industrial machine, a Brother Industrial serger, a Kenmore serger, a Brother SE400 sewing/embroidery machine, and a Brother PE770 embroidery machine.


I’m located in Carson City, NV. Everything I sew or embroider is  “ MADE IN THE USA”.


Formula that works sometimes 3 x the supplies purchased divided by # needed.

Turn Around Time

Depends on the project, what’s needed or wanted, how many and availability of supplies.


Payment is always by PayPal. PayPal allows the customer to pay with their credit card or their PayPal account.

It’s easy to set up a PayPal account and usually only takes a few days.


The customer pays me back after I get a receipt, scan it in and send it to them by email.

USPS Priority Mail with extra insurance depending on how much the project is worth to re-do if lost.

The customer sometimes has another preference for shipping. I’m OK with that idea.

Sometimes the customer has an account for their preferred shipping company and will allow me to send their project that way.


My policy is to have the customer not change their mind, add or subtract something from their project once sewing the project or in production of a quantity, for an individual project, or manufacturing has begun. By that time all changes should have been approved.

Once sewing or manufacturing has begun, the customer is not to give the project to anybody else or any other company anywhere in the world. The project belongs to Shirley’s Creative Designs until the contracted amount is finished.