ornate gold scissors-2-smallI have a very large, long, rectangular front yard. When we moved to Carson City, NV in August 2008, there was only one plant that survived the previous owner’s neglect. It is a rose! We call it the “rose that came with the house”.100_5960 The rest of the yard was nothing but weeds!

I decided to try my hand at designing a garden. The first summer wasn’t very successful.

I ordered the 10 free baby trees from arborday.org, but they arrived the day before Thanksgiving and it was snowing! There was no way to plant them. Winter killed everything except the rose that came with the house!

The following year I tried again because I had done more research as to what would work as a design and ordered more free trees. One or two of the trees survived and ordered more trees again. This time I kept them in the house until they were a little bigger, then put them outside in their pots until they were used to the weather. When they thrived, I planted them.

Meantime, my husband purchased 2 roses from Publisher’s Clearing house. We planted them next to the garage. They thrived! He said that since the roses did so well, that maybe I should plant a rose garden.100_5963100_3692The pink one doesn’t have a name, so I call it “Hot Pink”, but the people at the garden center recognized the second one as a “Citris Splash”.

That first garden design didn’t work too well so I tried again the following year utilizing the idea of using roses.

On Mother’s Day we purchased more roses from our local garden center.100_3804100_3827100_3867The 1st one is a “Judy Garland”, the second is called “Oranges & Lemons” and the third is a “Red Masterpiece”.

I had come up with a really unique garden design, so we planted the new roses within that design.

Our son helped me plot out the entire design and put down red cement bricks for a path leading to our mail box.

Little by little we added to the number of roses within that unique design.

Last Spring, 2015, my trees actually decided to bloom. Hopefully our snowy winter didn’t hurt any of them and they will bloom again this year.

I now have 60 roses and can’t wait until the end of June to see them in full bloom again! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the majority of my roses will survive our snowy winter.

Over the years since we moved in, we would visit the stores that offer roses for sale. My daughter would keep an eagle eye out for pieces of roses that fell on the floor and give them to me. I would take them home and sometimes they would actually grow! There is a piece sitting on my kitchen window sill at the moment above the sink that is actually sprouting! If it survives being planted soon, it will be a yellow rose, but who knows what the name of it is. It really don’t matter about the name, but sometimes it’s nice to know it’s name when I update the diagram of my garden that has all the other names except for the one that came with the house and the two from Publisher’s Clearing House.

I will update this page when the trees decide to bloom. That probably won’t be for a few months.

The view out of my sewing room window is dismal. No leaves on the trees or roses. They look so sad.

Hurry up Spring! I know we need the snow for water this summer, but seeing my trees in bloom is always like a new beginning. My roses in bloom is a beautiful sight. It usually means that my sister will come and visit to see them in person. She usually visits at least once a year.

My mother was a gardener by trade. She worked with, propagated and raised house plants and then later on maintained my aunt’s garden and then gardens near where she lived. She had a very green thumb! I guess some of that green thumb rubbed off on me! She would have LOVED my rose garden and obviously been jealous! I miss her and her knowledge about gardens.