ornate gold scissors-2-smallMy supervisor is our adorable Australian Shepherd, “Cookie”. Cookie lays by my side and makes sure I do what I’m supposed to do and I’m doing it correctly! Cookie also knows how to be the “Boss”. She talks! In a gravely voice, she says “GO” and “HOW RUDE” at the funniest times. She loves to go for a ride in our car, but when we get to a red light and stop, she will say “GO”. If we aren’t fast enough taking her for that ride or putting her food in her dish, she will say “HOW RUDE”! We haven’t figured out how she learned how to talk, since she is a rescue dog, we really don’t mind because we are too busy laughing! We think she just figured it our on her own. She is really smart!


new camera close-up-3

ornate gold scissors-2-smallClick on the link to see (very dark) and hear Cookie talk! cookie-says-GO