Stitched with Care

ornate gold scissors-2-smallThese are example cloth doll faces:

           Venus face for embroidery-2 play with me ballerina face for embroidery vacation face for embroidery musical face for embroidery lace ballerina face for embroidery

ornate gold scissors-2-smallExample artwork for faces:

ice skating face for embroidery gambling face for embroidery gymnastics face for embroidery Fairy face for embroidery aerobics face for embroideryangel face for embroidery

ornate gold scissors-2-smallMore example artwork for faces

     artwork for Sammy the Bird           bird

           ornate gold scissors-2-smallArtwork for Sammy the Bird                   ornate gold scissors-2-smallEmbroidered face on Sammy the Bird

face-1 Angel Ballerina embroidered faceface-2Our Lady Machine Embroidery

ornate gold scissors-2-smallEmbroidered face examples

ornate gold scissors-2-smallI used to color doll faces with permanent markers, but later decided that an embroidered face looks more professional and is still safe for kids, maybe more so. Machine embroidered faces look really “sharp”. They are vivid because the thread is shiny. 40 weight Sulky thread is strong and really does the job.

ornate gold scissors-2-smallIn order to design an embroidered doll face for you, I figured you would want to see samples. There are embroidery designs of doll faces for sale on the Internet, but a custom face is so unique, you will be able to say that the doll face I design for you isn’t anywhere else, for sale or otherwise.

ornate gold scissors-2-smallI can design and do the artwork for either embroidered doll faces or embroidered animal faces.  As you can see above, the embroidered birds face worked out OK and a birds beak is thin. Since the emboidered bird’s face worked OK for machine embroidery, just about any embroidered animal’s face would work OK too.