ornate gold scissors-2-smallSulky colors & numbers

ornate gold scissors-2-smallI have Sulky thread for machine embroidery. It’s 40 wt and really great. If you want a doll face designed to your exact specifications, then you need to choose the perfect colors for the facial features. The link above will show you the colors Sulky has available. I honestly don’t have all of them, but can either purchase the exact color you like best or match it as close as possible with the colors I do have. Some colors are very close and look very much alike. If looking at the colors on the Sulky site is not quite right, I recommend seeing them in person. If you have a JoAnns near you or a Hancock Fabrics store near you, then you can see the colors in person. I’m sure one of the store’s associates will help you find the thread colors you like best. If you choose to purchase those colors and send them to me, that would work too. There may be other stores near you that have Sulky threads. A phone call would confirm that and save you time.